Google Earth Maps of Cabins

Goggle Earth Map Overview of the 3 sets of River log cabins–showing relationship to road and the Shenandoah River. These are not to the same scale. Google Earth seems to have taken these in the early Spring with the River at about 10 ft-flood.

google map of cabins

Google map of Hook. Line and Sinker cabins on 3 acres

Google map of cabins & river

Wood Duck, Blue Heron & Osprey cabins Google map on one wooded acre

google map of river cabins

Google map of Angler, Drifter and Paddler on 7 acres

Here is the Bigger Picture!

Google map of Rt 684

Google Map of Rt 684

Form bottom left–Marker 1 = RT 675 Bridge, ie #1
The Bridge is 3 1/2 miles from Luray. Hook, Line and Sinker cabins are 1 1/2 mi from the Bridge.–2nd Marker Bealer’s Ferry #8–Marker 3 Bella Vista cottage is 7 miles from the Bridge,–Marker 4 Shenandoah River Outfitters and Camp OutBack are 7.5 miles from the Bridge.–Marker 5 Foster’s Boat Landing-#11–Marker 5 Good’s Landing-#13–Marker 6 Wood Duck, Blue Heron and Osprey cabins are 10 1/2 miles from the Bridge;–Marker 7 Seakfords Landing-#16–Marker 8 #19–Marker 9 Angler, Drifter and Paddler cabins are 17 1/2 miles from the Bridge.–Marker 10
Road deadends 3/4 miles after cabins.

Map from Luray to SRO

Map from Luray to SRO

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