Bixlers Bridge to Bealer's Ferry​

Day Beginner Kayaking

  • Arrive by Noon
  • 40.00
  • Ripples & Gentle Waves
  • 3 hours - 8 miles
  • 5 years and up

Bixlers Bridge to Bealer's Ferry​


  • Arrive by 11:00 AM
  • 36.00
  • Ripples & Gentle Waves
  • 3 hours - 8 miles
  • 5 years and up

Bealer's Ferry to Foster's

Sampler Kayaking

  • Arrive by Noon, 1 PM, and 2 PM ONLY
  • 36.00
  • Great beginner section
  • 1 hour - 3 miles
  • 5 years and up

Bealer's Ferry to Burner's Bottom

Day Kayaking

  • Arrive up to Noon
  • 40.00
  • Compton’s rapid Class 2
    some experience preferred
  • 3 to 5 hours - 6 to 12 miles
  • 5 years and up

Tandem Kayaks

Tandem Kayaks are the same rate as canoes. Tandem kayaks are best for parent and child. These are sit-on-top kayaks so you get wet!


Canoeists and kayakers can choose between calm water with riffles to beginner whitewater with several rapids as you go by public lands (GW National Forest), farm lands and  limestone cliffs. Trips can be from one hour to all day to several days. We will help you plan the perfect trip for you, your friends and your family.


Pack a lunch—the River is yours for the day!


Kayak or canoe


Life Jacket

River Map

Safety video

Basic Instructions

Transportation to and from the River

Shenandoah River Map

What to bring...

  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Hat & sunglasses
  • Change of clothes
  • Shoes-no flip flops
  • Small Cooler with water & snacks
  • (No glass, no styrofoam)
  • Water proof container
  • Fishing Poles
  • Camera
  • We keep car keys as deposit/safety


  • Trips are unguided
  • All trips start at the Outfitters
  • Most Trips can begin when we open
  • All trips must end by 5 PM
  • Trips go ‘rain or shine’
  • Pets allowed in kayak
  • All trips subject to change due to water levels
  • Cancellation is 48 hr in advance for refund
  • Alcohol and River activities don’t mix

Virginia has ‘no drinking in public’ laws.

We want everyone to be safe on and off the River.

Alcohol and drugs can affect your judgment and your abilities can be diminished. Virginia is

taking a strong stand against drinking in public and while on the water. Open containers in

public and in National forest boat landings can result in tickets/fines. Please use wisdom so you

can enjoy the river and return for years to come. We reserve the right to check coolers. Please no

glass on the river.