River Trip Rates – Group

Group prices for River Trips (excludes holidays)

Groups are Scouts, Churches, Schools and “all others with 7 canoes and more”!

Group discount–Sat’s                                         10% off $56/canoe & $36/kayak rate
Group discount–Sun’s                                        25% off $56/canoe & $36/kayak rate
Group discount-Midweek                                   $36/canoe, $26/kayak
Group discount-tubes–any day                          $22/tube with 1 free per every 20

Our Lunch and Dinner rates are already based on group rates. Call for more information on any other group rates.

Group prices are only when signed up by one group leader and with one payment or paid online as a group!


Group Online Reservation information   here    or give us a call.

or Part of a Group with ID # and Name–click here to join.


Refunds in full up to one week before the trip. No refunds in last week. Any request for refunds will need to be called in to the Outfitters. We go rain or shine.

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